KIWU offers User-Centric Mobile Phone based Mobility Insurance

KIWU is the next generation, mobile phone-based insurtech platform, which offers more than usage-based insurance. Its user- centric character and proprietary AI and ML based behavioural analytics allow ingestion and processing of granular real time data from multiple sources and enable new use cases involving safer mobility, driver improvement, budget control and fraud protection.

Extra Peace of Mind to Homo Mobilis

KIWU offers users instant moments of peace of mind. KIWU offers customers better tailored products informed by insights driven by behavioural psychology and convenient access to insurance from mobile phones.

New Insurance Use Cases and Products

KIWU provides its own user and customer interfaces and integrates seamlessly with insurers, channel partners and connected vehicles enabling new mobility insurance products.

At Your Fingertips platform

for Personalised Mobility Insurance
Mobile phone based user interface and mobility tracking. Multiple data sources used for contextualisation. Rich understanding of user behaviours and environmental context in real-time across multiple mobility modes. On-demand and annual subscription products.

our areas

App and WebPortal

KIWU Native App and Web Portal support all existing on-demand motor insurance products. KIWU offers fully digital user journey, fraud protection and proactive risk mitigation. Single customer view available across channels, insurance products and modes of mobility. More Convenience, more Customisation, more Control to customers.

Server Analytics & Risk Assessment

KIWU analytics platform evaluates broader user mobility behaviours and context enabling creation of tailored insurance products: Data collection via smartphone sensors Server-side data enrichment and contextualisation using multiple external layers of data Real-time data analytics, predictive modelling AI and risk management ML tools.

Custom Products and Integrations

KIWU ingests data from multiple granular sources and processes it in real time. It connects Insurers and Channel Partners to Mobile Individuals and their Vehicles to enable insurance and other value-adding relevant mobility services.
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Who is KIWU for

We insure mobility of individual customers and partner with businesses
KIWU offers a universal mobility insurance solution to millions UK drivers who are also adult mobile phone users. KIWU bull’s eye target audience are ”Overinsurers” from amongst the Millennials and GenZ’ers, who best represent the emerging Homo Mobilis.
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For Mobility Channel Partners
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The complete future proof mobility insurance system
At KIWU our mission is to disrupt the insurance industry by offering smarter User Centred Mobility Insurance – insurance which is more than just usage based, whether on-demand or subscription-based. Compared to the current Insurtechs, KIWU offers all the existing on-demand insurance models (PAYD, PHYD, PWYD, etc), traditional annual or subscription insurance, and additionally enables creation of New Multi-Modal Mobility Products.


While enabling user interaction, KIWU native app collates data from phone sensors (GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope). Method of data collection depends on product chosen. With the longer-term products, such as mile package or multi-day insurance, data collection is performed in the background without the need for special action by the user.

Multi-mode mobility

KIWU services urban Gen-Z’ers who are leading the transition towards a sharing and micro-mobility economy and benefits businesses are seeking new sources of revenue and efficiency savings around the competitive motor insurance market.

Granular behavioural and contextual data collated

KIWU data analytics system performs advanced contextualised analysis of user data enriched with the data from external systems and enables identification of vehicle usage and driver behavioural patterns.

Multiple data layers analysed in real-time

Tailored data sets from various sources, combined as required, and analysed in real-time. Raw data turned into descriptive models, environment digital model, risks profiles.

Connected cars ready

KIWU data ingestion and analytical capabilities include processing data from connected vehicles.

Sharing economy ready

Flexible cover which can be customised to consider value of items, time rented for, distances carried, etc. Easy integration into the operator app via an SDK.
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