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KIWU offers customers a range of tailored and customisable mobility insurance products informed by behavioural insight and convenient access to insurance enabled via the mobile phone.

At Your Fingertips platform

for Personalised Mobility Insurance
KIWU provides fully digital user journey. The App enables interaction with the user throughout full product cycle. This includes pre-registration quotation, user and vehicle registration, vehicle pre-insurance inspection, product selection and one-click purchase, payment handling, customer support, and interaction in claim management scenario. Integration with 3rd party databases, such as license plate databases, and OCR capabilities enhances user experience. KIWU offers several on-demand motor insurance products, which cover all the main use cases of motor and broader mobility insurance.
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From 1 hour to 1 year
From 100 to 1,000 miles
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Holistic mobility insurance platform for the modern generation
KIWU offers mobility insurance to Homo Mobilis, the modern people who live “light” and “mobile” lives: commute, travel to places new, use different modes of transport. They drive cars, ride two- wheelers, use public transport or often walk. They can own their vehicles, share, rent, borrow or hop into one as a passenger.


Instant cover that can be accessed at any time and place via KIWU mobile app


A range of insurance products and customisation options for users to choose from


Transparency about cost, cover and privacy. Notifications and UI that help users decide
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